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Behavioral Psychology to Improve the Customer Experience

Some of our team members have been researching behavioral psychology and we believe the following article might become quite useful as the resort moves into winter with new Covid-19 protocols and more “painful experiences”.  If you read this, we would suggest paying extra attention to the section titled "Rewiring customer touchpoints and journeys”. It could be interesting to walk through our own resort customer journey across different departments and businesses to evaluate how we can identify obstacles and remedies, and how we can intersperse “painful” with “pleasurable” experiences to help control a customers perceived experience.

 You don’t necessarily have to change the customer experience, because there may not be much we can do to change it. But, by adjusting the way they perceive it we may come out on top of other resorts.

 After all our mission is "To go the extra mile to ensure our visitors enjoy a memorable alpine experience in a positive, safe and friendly environment."

 Michael J. Ballingall